December 2021 Updates

Hi Teachers,

We hope you are enjoying your holiday season. We have lots of gifts and goodies wrapped up for you in this newsletter from opportunities to get involved at Replit, project solutions, and even giftable Hacker plans!

What’s New?

:briefcase: We’re hiring! We are seeking a CS Ed enthusiast to join us as Teacher and Customer Success coordinator at Replit! Not your vibe? Check out the rest of our open positions here!

:key:There’s a new way to create project solutions ! Try out the Project Solution tool and let us know what you think!

:speech_balloon: We’ve just published new curriculum! This one is a Python unit by the brilliant minds at Simon Fraser University to help students learn and preserve the Indigenous language, Blackfoot, an endangered language spoken by Indigenous peoples of Alberta, Canada and Montana, USA.

:trophy:Looking for a way to help your students gain confidence through iteration and experimentation? Read our new blog post on Mastery-Based Programming Tasks by amazing Replit teacher ambassador, Miss Sarah Strong!

:candle:Give your students fun Advent of Code challenges this holiday season using our templates!

:mantelpiece_clock: File persistence has arrived! All changes made to the filesystem by your code will now be reflected the next time you open the repl! Check out our example using SQLite in Python 3 and find more information about persistent storage on our blog.

:boom:Looking for a delightful distraction during your holiday break or a way to spread cheer with all who are near? Check out our Kajam game jam winners to play video games built by Replit’s own community members !

:gift: Gift Hacker for the holidays! Get the computing wizards in your life speedier private repls for 30% off, now through January!

Let us know all the creative ways you’ve applied these updates in your classrooms by tagging us on Twitter @Replit!

What’s Coming Up?

:school_satchel: We have a backpack-full of great curriculum content coming your way! Stay tuned for:
◦ AP CS A curriculum by CSAwesome
◦ Test-driven development Katas to hone your students’ Python skills
◦ Companion curriculum for the book, Learn Python the Right Way, by our wonderful friends at Ritza.

:eyeglasses: Student View will allow Team admins to view and demo Team Projects from a student’s perspective.

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Happy coding!



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