Debugger vanished from several Python REPLs

I’ve been working in the following REPL for several weeks and (for obvious reasons) have been using the debugger as I go.

For some reason, within the last week or so the debugger stopped appearing under Tools, and any trace of it (e.g., the margin for adding breakpoints to lines of code) disappeared.

The first time I noticed it was on the Android Replit app, but it’s not appearing on Chrome for Win 10, either. It also disappeared from most (but not all?? See SierpinskiWalk, here.) of my other Python REPLs.

I’m not sure what I did or why it changed. I’d like it back! Thoughts?

EDIT: while poking around, I went back to Replit for Android and found that I can pull up the debugger there, but instead of the Play/Run button, there’s a progress circle, like this:


The first time I saw this, I assumed it was because the mobile data I was using was flaky. But now I’m on reliable WiFi and it’s not going away, even when I leave it for minutes or kill the app and restart. I’m seeing the same thing in other REPLs except the SierpinskiWalk one mentioned above: in that case, I can’t bring up the debugger in the Android app!

Hi @robertlamar1 moved this to Bug reports in case it is a wider issue.

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AoC-2022 is an old UPM python repl, so it doesn’t by default have the debugger config in the .replit file. Just add the default Python .replit to your repl


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