Debugger not showing any information or performing "next step" function

I am trying to use the debugger but it is not giving me any information and even when it did give me information I tried to go to the next step and it just completed the program. Is the debugger just that bad or am I doing something wrong?

Perhaps it’s because there are no breakpoints in your code.



To use the Next step function, you need the code execution to reach one of the breakpoints.


The breakpoint in your code is in the condition if (operation == 'R'). If this condition is not met, the Next step function will not work.

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Thanks for the feedback! Unfortunately, the condition is met, and the debugger stops at the breakpoint. The issue is that when it stops it doesn’t provide environment variables and when I select “next step” it just either completes the program or stops the debugger.

In my repl, the debugger did not show the variables immediately, I had to wait. Probably, in your case, you should also wait

The debugger stopped the program when pressing the Next step button because the debugger could not find a line of code on which it could stop.

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The debugger only populates if I put a break point immediately after my main(). I wonder if it isn’t working because I am passing command line arguments… and seemingly when you run the debugger you do not get the command line