Dealing with academic dishonesty?

How do people deal with academic dishonesty? Does replit provide any tools for identifying cheaters?

Opening multiple replies on time when assessing submissions seems kludgey, and downloading multiple submissions to do manual comparisons is just painful.

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Do you mean like copy/pasting code? Just check the history, you can tell pretty easily if someone copy/pastes code


I often copy and paste code. Replit has no feature (yet) allowing you to edit a Repl without affecting its users so I have to fork it, play around in the fork, and then copy that code back in. Even when that’s not an issue, I often reference previous things I made when working, and rather than type it out again I copy and paste it. Plus cut and paste is an effective way to restructure your code.

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I mean if they just copy and paste code without editing it at all and submit it or something.

Oh wait @QwertyQwerty54 @CoderElijah y’all wanna make a plagiarism detector extension? That would be awesome


sure I guess, why not? let’s do it


If I know anything useful I’ll try to help.

With the number of students I have to grade that’s not easy…


I would argue that clicking two extra buttons is quite easy, even for many students. But then again, I’m not a teacher, so I wouldn’t know.

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A couple of points. First, some of my students like to work in Visual Studio Code and then paste the results into Replit so I can grade it (I’m trying to figure out how to get VSC into the repl, but so far I’ve had no luck and not enough time), so instantly appearing code != cheating. Secondly, I have a lot of students, and if they decided to work on their code for a while and then cheat, that would mean that in addition to grading I would have to scan through all of their histories. What I want is for the technology to do the mundane work so I can focus on grading.


I do a couple of things for this:

  1. MOSS to quickly scan for common assignments

  2. Closed book unit exams

Between the 2 methods it becomes clear who knows what they’re doing and who needs help.

For MOSS I download all student assignments (built a little script that generates an HTML page with links to each student’s replit in teams.) Then i log into replit on the browser and open the HTML page after its been generated. Clicking each student generates a .zip link that downloads their repl and I use that for MOSS.

As for the closed book unit exams I do it in 2 parts with the first being online using lockdown browser (and the autograde feature with our LMS) and is MC/TF/Numerical/etc. Then part 2 is handwritten code to solve a similar problem to their unit assignments. No computer access for this, just some code “snippets” on the back of the test. Surprisingly students like this style of testing. Part 1 is on the content and 2 focuses on using their skills to creating something reasonable.


@MichaelMcDowell Are you willing to share your script?

Yea for sure! Sorry I thought it was connected to my account.

Unfortunately Replit doesn’t include the replit USERNAME in the csv file (please upvote this request!). So you need to match replit users with usernames manually (once per class). Then it’s good to go.