Day5_100daysPython (Navigation problem)

did the Day5 challenger assignment. Can’t publish it! In tutorial, Only CONSOLE available. Using ghostwriter written code. Code bugfree. See my Replit named MovieCharacterCreator.

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Hi @ashish9670 !
Your code runs fine and works fine.
I see no issue with the Console.
Could you send a screenshot or a screen recording of the issue on your side?

Please see. No code writing space!!

Tutorial links weak! Navigating difficult! Tabs missing. Getting lost!

Hi @ashish9670 !
If you click the Run button, the Console will appear.
If you click the Files button at the top-left corner and select, the file should appear.
Hope this helps!
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Yes, thanks. Did help. Only tutorial gone! Can’t share however!

Done purposely, it seems. Tutor wants “paying” tutees!

Hi @ashish9670 !

Are there any error messages?

Could you elaborate more on this?

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