Day2_100days python

Hello dear community,
I am trying to get to lesson day 3 in this program. Unfortunately, I have not made it so far.
The button to complete lesson 2 (in lesson 2) is inactive.
How do I go to lesson 3?

Repl link/Link to where the bug appears:

Hi @08-pythonsvekto , welcome to the forums!
In Day 2, you need to click the ‘Mark lesson as complete’ button to procede.
Hope this helps!

that’s unfortunatly a part of the problem: it is inactive - not highlighted.
to click on the button has no effect

Did you already mark lesson 2 as completed? If so, you can just start lesson 3 from the learning hub, here:

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yes. it seems like that was my fault.
New it works,
Thanks for the fast help

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