Day 74 (100 days Python) missing example repl

Problem description

Challenge solution example repl is missing.

Expected behavior

Clicking on link to example repl should work.

Actual behavior

Clicking on link to example repl: “page not found”

Steps to reproduce

On the “solution” page to the daily challenge, click on the “this repl” link in the answer block.


Chrome (Slimjet)


Windows 10

Device if mobile



Free tier

Thanks @SirGeremiah. I’ll get it reported. I think there’s a few like this.

Actually, I think almost all the days after Day 73 will have this issue so no need to report individually @SirGeremiah. You would be making a lot of posts otherwise! I got you covered in reporting it.

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Yes unfortunately they have been removed. You can try searching for other user’s repls to help guide you, but they may be different from the actual solution, so the best thing to do is just watch the solution video very carefully.

I’m working on copying the solutions from the videos verbatim to this account:
MovedSolutions - Replit
Right now it only has day 73 and 76 finished.

I’ll try to get them done when I can but it will likely take some time.


As an update, we’re working on the solution links for all DoC 73+ onwards. We hope it have it fixed soon!

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