Day 57 Learning Hub Preview in #replit100DaysofCode Still Shows the Wrong Video

Problem description:

Learning Hub Preview in Day57 replit 100 days of Code is showing the wrong video.

Expected behavior:

Learning hub preview for day 57 should show Day 57: 100 Days of Code: Recursion - YouTube
which shows the right video and the right definition of factorials

Actual behavior:

As of January 23, 2023
In Learning Hub preview Day 57 in #replit100DaysOfCode is still showing the wrong video:

In the challenge, it defines “factorials” as numbers when added to themselves…

Steps to reproduce:

Login to replit and proceed to Day57 in the Learning Hub Preview

Bug appears at this link:

New users can only put 2 links…


Brave/Ubuntu 22.04/Desktop PC

@DavidAtReplit, check this!


Good spot! I’ll put in a fix later today

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