Day 32/100 -- Day 32 Challenge

So looking at the Answer for the challenge, and the code is:

import random
greetings = ["Hello there!", "Konnichiwa", "Guten Tag!", "Bore Da!"]
index = random.randint(0,3)


And I feel the </details> tag is incorrect as there is no “inclination” of HTML in the code, and the actual code does not work whatsoever, it only prints Hello There!

Please correct any of my errors.

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I can’t find the solution button.

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Nothin there. I can’t see anything.

@ShaunMostert can you show me a picture of what you see? You should be able to mark a solution since it is Code Help but you might not with the 100 Days of Code.

@ShaunMostert are you able to get rid of the 100 Days of Code and see if it shows. Click the pencil at the top of the post to edit it.

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