Day 3 - how do i skip forward using a tutorial

Hi everyone… a silly question but how do i get to day 3?
i’m doing the 100 days of code and i tried tutorial table of contents etc… it is only showing day 1 :smiley: even when i skip its not working… thanks in advance

Hey @noonienft! Welcome to the community!

You will need to complete lessons Day 1 and 2 before you can proceed on with Day 3.

Hi thanks for replying
I started and finished the first and second one but when I logged on again it took me to the first one
The other day I did two lessons consecutively that’s how I managed to do the second lesson
Now I’m back to one :upside_down_face: and don’t know how to go to 3

You can scroll down till you see the “Day 3” dropdown in the course and check if you can click the “Start Day 3” button from there.

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