Day 101? - Ideas for after 100 Days of Code

I finished the 100 Days of Code. Thank you @DavidAtReplit @IanAtReplit and everyone else involved in this project. This was a fantastic experience!

I wasn’t sure what to do next, but I’d like to keep up the momentum. I started playing more with openAI, but it’s not using a lot of Python as I’ve been spending most of my time adjusting my prompts to see how responses from ChatGPT change.

I’d love to know what anyone else who’s finished 100 Days of Code has done afterward, if anyone else has any suggestions for what to do next, or other suggested learning materials.


Fantastic news @lolsroyce00 !! Well done!

What about investigating ethical hacking using Python? All you need to know about Ethical hacking using Python | Edureka will get you started.

Alternatively what about Python for Data Science?

Would love to hear what you choose to do and how you get on!


You can start learning C and C++
Here is the link:
C language tutorial

C++ language tutorial

Or you can learn Java and JavaScript
Here is the link:


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Thanks for the suggestions!

I looked at the ethical hacking page and watched the video. I know a few folks that work in cyber security, but don’t know a lot about it. It is neat to get a glimpse into that world. They gave some sample code for a dictionary attack, and it seemed very straightforward to me. A confidence boost for sure!

I don’t think I m ready to dive into another programming language, but JavaScript is on my short list if/when I do. Let me know when you make 100 Days of JavaScript @DavidAtReplit

I’ve still been casually working with ChatGPT’s API. Now I’m using inputs from multiple form fields to further modify my chatGPT outputs. David released good prompt engineering video that was insightful on Replit’s YouTube channel.

I may pivot and find some more APIs to work with.

hello @lolsroyce00 and everyone else congratulation on completing 100 of code challenge. Can you share your learning experience, skills you have acquired, your favourite project PS mention day if you remember, and your personal projects if you have built using your python skills . i am on day 58, honestly recursions are really head skratchers as our instructor lovely david said.

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