Day 094 - Project 94 : API Mashup

If you have any questions, comments or issues with this project please post them here!

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I am doing the challenge and the whole sentence is not showing in the console

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Can you provide the code or link to your Repl?

Fixed the problem for this day

Hi. You all need to revise Day 94 and Day 95. OpenAI API is not available to use without a paid account.


Hi @raghanti , welcome to the forums! You can have an API key even though you don’t have a paid account.

Yes you can, but you can’t use it unless you have a paid account.

I have used it before and it works perfectly.

No cureently, when you use it in replit it says that you have used up your usage, and in the openai website it shows that you have 0.00/0.00 dollars, which means that you never had any credits. You guys need to seriously revise these vids

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OpenAI gives every new account (if connected to a new phone number) a certain amount of credits for free. These can be used up on the website, even if you’ve never used an API key. You do not need to have a paid OpenAI account, you’ve just used up your free credits already. That’s something that Replit can’t control.


This was my first time using OpenAI, excluding ChatGPT, and either-ways shouldn’t it show 18.00/18.00 dollars instead of 0.00/0.00 because that means that I never had any credits, look at the denominator

There you go. You’ve used it up.

Oh thanks. I guess I have to buy more

I created a brand new account, never used ChatGPT or made any API calls. This is what I see under Usage immediately after account creation:

Maybe OpenAI changed something and accounts created before have different privileges. It doesn’t really matter. I’m suggesting that maybe the 100 days items that rely on OpenAI should be revisited to make sure they are do-able for people. Maybe create your own API service that generates some random data and advise that people can use OpenAI to expand on that capability? Maybe all days relying on external APIs or products need to have a local alternative with limited sets?

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Thanks for pointing this out - we’ll take a look and try and identify something with a free api.


You only get so much credit before you have to pay for it. I think they used up all of their credits, and to make a new account, you need a different phone number. And VoIP numbers don’t work.

(edit: didn’t see other post, that is strange. still though, something wrong with their account? :man_shrugging:)

any update about it?
I could create API KEY but when I run the code it says ‘I have to update billing plan bla bla’ on the error red letters message in the console

Bro, you owe me $10.
I paid to be able to continue with the course.
However, these requests to OpeanAI are frecking interesting and amazing!

David, broda, this one I dedicate it to you.

But you still owe me those $10 muahahahah