Day 090 - Project 90 : Jason? JSON?

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Hello Replit Users
I have a problem on Day 90 (currently on Day 93)
The problem it is showing error in code that indentation error or tab error in fact I have write all the code correctly but the console is showing error and is not able to load it in my file section please Help me on this.

It sounds like your error is to do with inconsistent indentation. This means that one or more lines of your code are not indented correctly. You have to stick with the same indentation for the entire program, if you indent by 2 spaces, 4 spaces or tabs, you have to use these, and only these, the entire time, to indent every line.

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Everything is fine but filename line i.e in the Solution Video of Day 90 JSON filename line is showing error in code systax and also in console also I have tried that method before creating this topic.All other code is correct indentationed.
Thank you

Hi @arhanansari2009 can you post a link to your Repl so that the community can see the error message, look at the code and suggest some ideas to help?

The link to the solution doesn’t work:

It gives me a 404 error.

It looks like they have not made it public yet.

The Problem is Solved. You can now visit my profile and see the solution now!!

Can you confirm what the solution was @arhanansari2009 ?

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