Day 089 - Project 89 : Community Chat App

If you have any questions, comments or issues with this project please post them here!

i’m curious if anybody solved the challenge in a way that includes showing the profile pictures of posters next to their messages? while the challenge description says to show each user’s profile image, it’s missing in the example screenshot, so i didn’t do it either. it’s not in the solution either.

David shows you how to do it, IIRC it’s in the solution video.

Anyway the header for this is X-Replit-User-Profile-Image as said in the Replit docs.

Hi All

As part of the challenge for Day89 of #replit100daysofcode, I have made a basic chatroom where people can post their comments by logging in with their Replit profiles!

The comments are posted along with your Replit profile image and the time at which you have commented! Only the recent/latest 5 comments will be displayed at any given time!

Please check it out, post your comments and let me know if you have suggestions, as it will help me in validating the code for this project! Here is the link for the repl:

@ortelOJL check out my solution! Profile images are displayed right next to the username!

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i tried your solution, viewing works, but when i press send i get a “405 method not allowed” error. apparently the logged in page for non-admins has a different method for the button than the admin page.

apart from that, it seems to show the profile pic nicely! i didn’t know you could save images to replit db, that’s neat.

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Thanks for pointing that out! I have fixed the issue!. Please feel free to try again!

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yes, i can post messages now!

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