Day 088 - Project 88 : Authenticate finesse

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Hi, I think it would be a good idea to change the instructions for this project to make people put their user ids, or whatever information they use, in the Secrets vault.

Otherwise that information is publicly available for anyone who takes a look or forks other people’s projects.

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But anyone can get anyone else’s usernames, user ids, & more. This is public information, no need to put it in the Secrets in my opinion.

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everything working fine this time, but there is something I dont get or not working properly. Listen:

When home is executed, Replit considers my User is already active as the message of hello python padawan shows up. Shouldnt this message appear when I authenticate, reload the page, and then check the ‘if user id is…’?

I mean, I can’t check if I did this exercise properly cause my authentication is done before I sign in thru the authenticate system.

And I if code ‘go to admin if the userid is my userid’ I never get to see the home, cause it goes directly to the admin page, as replit authenticates my user before the authentication system (as I said before)

I hope I explained this clearly enough.


Here its what I coded:

by the way, I know the easiest way would be going to see the solution, but I just dont want to do that. Hoope you understand,

Have you already authenticated once? If so then you won’t need to authenticate again for a while. You could try an incognito window?

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In an incognito window it started doing what I expected this to do:
-first, home.
-Pressing the login button.
-page refreshes, if my id is detected it goes to admin. Otherwise, ive set a message to be shown after refreshing: ‘only allowed to read my blog’ in the home.

thanks bro!

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You’re not allowed… but an extra letter l is!