Day 084 - Project 84 : Create users, log in

If you have any questions, comments or issues with this project please post them here!


I finished this project, here’s my repl:

I used the default example for the challenge which redirects to different gifs depending on success and failure logging in.

I wanted a customized greeting while keeping the redirects, therefore, in line 25 I pass the full name so in lines 51-53 I can add it to the page.

I want to know if there’s a more elegant way to do this so the name doesn’t show up in the URL.

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Hi @masterneme thanks for sharing your project and well done on your progress so far in

Have you investigated session variables to store the username? Session data in Python Flask - Python Tutorial has some more information on this.

Yeah I learned about sessions the next day :smiley:

So I’ll leave the project as it is for future reference, thanks.

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I was wondering the same thing… then I came upon your repl and it’s not a bad idea… but again, I’m facing with issue of how to return some string AND then redirect to another page… any thoughts on that? Thanks

Sorry if I spam but for some reason, signup page doesn’t add new users, returns Bad Request when trying to create new user… even when I made my code same as in david’s video… :confused: here’s a link to my repl if anyone would like to take a look…

EDIT: Okay… my bad… I had the “password” in signup form capitalized… :sweat_smile: