Day 081 - Project 81 : I'm not a robot page

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Can anyone please debug the error in this repl?

This is part of the Day 81 challenge in the “100 days of code” tutorial

your code:

 <p>Are you made of metal? <input type="radio" name="yes_no" value="yes"> Yes </p> <p><input type="radio" name="yes_no" value="no"> No </p>



my soulution (And david’s)


and note that i don’t know flask so this might not be correct

one more thing. Saying


works but you are checking the varible at line 8 of python

if form["metal"] == "Yes":

insted of

if form["yes_no"] == "Yes":

the if statement is checking that in the HTML code the varible “metel”
has assigned values of yes. because you used the name “yes_no”,
the if statement is checking for a non-existent varible

Hope this helps! BananaPi