Day 074 - Project 74 : My Fancy Portfolio

If you have any questions, comments or issues with this project please post them here!

Okay, so I wasn’t having any issues with Day 74 and editing the style.css file to edit the web page, but when I added all the files from Day 73 to Day 74 it stopped doing anything. Nothing I put in the style.css file changes the web page.

This is my index.html file:

    <title>My Portfolio</title>

    <h1>MrKrinle - My Portfolio</h1>
    <h2>Welcome to my journey!</h2>

    <p><a href = ''><img src='images/index.png' width = 50%></a></p>
    <p>This is my portfolio to show you some of my favorite parts so far from my 100 days of code journey.</p>

    <p class = 'pageguide'><a href = 'Day 1.html'>Go to page 2</a></p>
This is my style.css file:

html, body {
height: 100%;
width: 100%;

font-family: courier ‘Courier New’, Courier, monospace;
font-size: 42px;
color: blue;
background-color: lime;
And this is my webpage:

In the head of your index.html file, add <link rel="stylsheet" type="text/css" href="style.css" />.


I tried that, it didn’t do anything. I added everything in the head that wasn’t there. Thanks for pointing that out though.

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I figured out the issue I was having. Syntax is everything!

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