Day 073 - Project 73 : Top five Repls

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I guess this isn’t that big of a deal, but I can’t get Replit webview to open any external links. It just says “ refused to connect.” The URLs aren’t the problem, because the links open when I run the code in its own new tab.

Hi @libraryguyeli thanks for your message. Can you please share the link to the Repl so the community can investigate and suggest ideas / test it on their own network?

Here’s the repl:

Like I said, it works when I open it in a new tab. It just doesn’t work inside the repl webview while I’m coding.


Next day edit: This issue is persisting across multiple repls. I can’t access any links from the repl in webview ({website} refused to connect.), but I can access them all perfectly fine opening the repl in a new tab.

Hi Admins, just FYI - tutorial missing screenshot :wink:

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Thanks for highlighting this @surfineer ! I’ll share this with the team and see if we can get it resolved soon!