Day 070 - Project 70 : Storing an Admin password

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I am a bit confused as why David is using 4 secrets. I made my code with just two.
Can someone explain to me, why it’s better the way David does it?

import os

password = os.environ['password'] 
dave = os.environ['dave'] 
admin01 = os.environ['admin01'] 

user = input("Username > ")
userPass = input("Password > ")

if user == "dave" and userPass == dave:
  print("Welcome Normy.")
elif user == "admin01" and userPass == admin01:
  print("Welcome Admin.")
  print("User or Password Incorrect")

as per the video, it’s important that the usernames of the login information are also protected which is why he stores it in an env var


that makes an aweful lot of sense of course !! duh😅

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Yes I did it this way too before opening the answer. I left my normie and admin that way but included a super user with 2No. secrets.

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