Day 056 - Project 56 : Sorting Songs by Artist

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Hey guys,

just wondering, is there a “trash” function in Replit, or a way to restore an accidentally deleted file? I’ve deleted the csv file of Day 56 and now I can’t continue with the challenge. I’m pretty sure I was close to the final assignment, but I can’t verify my progresses without that file.


I do not believe so, hence the message warning you that deleting a file is irreversible. However if you try creating a new file with exactly the same name, sometimes the original file wasn’t actually deleted yet and you can restore its contents like that. Otherwise, you could try your Repl’s history, but if you deleted the file I don’t know that it would show up there.

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Hi deedend. Did you find a solution?
I now tested that at least deleting a repl should work to restart the exercise.
I started my current day, added things there, then closed it and deleted it from my history (repls in my profile page.
Then I went back to 100 page and it didn’t show “continue”, but “restart”.
It was a fresh repl in this case.
(I didn’t dare to delete the ready given files, but I expect it would work as well)

Hey @deedend,

I’ve tried this and it works for me :

  1. Go to your repl
  2. Create the same file you deleted with the same name
  3. You should see the content on it

It works for me! If it doesn’t work, I suggest you do a feature request on #feature-requests!

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Thanks, guys,

I’ve solved it in a pretty brutal way… I created a new account and fasted forward all the lessons until I arrived on the same day, downloaded the CSV file on my computer then copied it back on replit. But next time, if something similar happens I will keep in mind the tricks you suggested.

Many thanks again!

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