Day 052 - Project 52 : Pizza Pricer with Save/Load no crashing on non-int

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Hello Ian, I am on day 52 and am experiencing a problem. The code works except the .txt file is not getting appended, so the file and the viewing table is blank. I checked my code and it is very similar to the solution. If you could explain why this is happening, that would be great!
Thank you

Hey, @RadhikaMehendal welcome to the forums!

Can you please provide a link to your repl?

In this case, you might actually want to use "w" instead of "a". Each time you read all the orders into the pizza list so when you write to the file, you are adding a whole new list. Instead, you should just overwrite the file with the pizza list and then it should work.

Thank you so much MattDESTROYER and not-ethan, your advice really helped!