Day 041 - Project 41 : Website Bookmark manager

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Hi, is there any chance I could get some guidance on how to use only one input to get the name, url, desc and rating and split() and print the dictionary please?

Hi @RamonaG welcome to the community and thanks for your question!

I’ve created a short program that asks the user to enter their full name and then uses .split() to extract the components into firstname and surname variables.

You can view the code here

The video below shows how it works


Hi there! How can I use the input function to assign the user’s input as values directly to the empty keywords in the dictionary? Or will that be part of the later 100 days ?
Thanks so much for your help! I love David’s course :blush:

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myDictionary = {"name" :None,"URL":None,"descr":None,"rating":None}

values=input("WHats the name ,url,describ and rating for website?").split()
for key,value in myDictionary.items():
  if key=="name":
  elif key=="URL":
  elif key=="descr":
  elif key=="rating":

for name,values in myDictionary.items():

That is how i did it but im sure there must be a simpler way! Could anyone show us please :slight_smile: Thank you

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