Day 034 - Project 34 : Pretty Printing E-Mail Spammer

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There is no code to fix in the “Fix My Code” section.

Also, the Common Errors section has one more error. index is written as Index. Just FYI

Thank you so much @nomad. We appreciate users finding these errors. We will get that updated.

In Common Errors the Answer it says we need to insert “counter += 1” but dont need, if put this variable when run program to show the email’s - (3)

In Fix My Code really need the variable counter = 1 before de for, but in the common errors are saying:

That’s the answer in common errors


Hey, @Klynks welcome to the forums!

Can you please provide your whole code or a link to your repl? Just by the error you are trying to add 1 to the var counter before you assigned a value to it before.

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Hi @Klynks thanks for updating your post with the screenshot.

So are you saying that the answer suggests using counter += 1 but isn’t necessary because counter isn’t used anywhere else in the program?

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Or is it to insert the “counter” before the “for”? because if it was the intention, it should be in the answer, right?

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I’m still struggling to understand here. The screenshot didn’t show the answer.

I’ve gone into #100-days-of-code for Day 34 and this is the answer provided:

It makes no mention of counter because counter does not impact the program working / not working at all. It is not used.

The problem is with the for loop which is missing the range keyword.

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so try to see the e-mail’s pressing 3, the program not run correctly if dont put the counter before de for loop

if the counter in common errors is not used, don’t need to put in the code to try to fix?

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When you copy the code into your Repl and press run do you see this error?


sure, and now take de answer and put in the code, run the program and add some email’s, then try pressing to view the emails with 3 - view emails and tell me if the program will display the emails

to fix that: or remove the counter += 1 in the code to fix , or need to put counter = 1 before the for loop, the program will not display the counter, but it will not cause the error. understand ?

In the Next Step: Fix My Code we need to use de counter, that’s what proposing to fix right? but in the common erros what proposing to fix is the range() , right?

Got it. Thanks for explaining.


Once the answer is added and I typed in 3 emails I then selected option 3 and the above error was displayed. This is because the second Index inside the square brackets should not have a capital letter. Once I fixed this the next error appears:


There is no need to have the counter += 1 line of code. If you remove it the code works.

I’ll ask for an update on this project so that the counter +=1 line is removed.

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sorry for that, i’m not programmer in woodworker from brazil and my english is bad, but i’m happy i find some error


No problem at all. You found an error! Thank you for explaining and I hope that you are enjoying the rest of the #100-days-of-code experience so far!

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i find another error but know in the solution of the day challenge image

if the email list is empty or a value of “max” is > of the email size, an error will be reported.

need to len the list of email. I suffered to understand this, don’t hate me :laughing:

thats maybe the correct answer for def spam(max) ?

Try to spam without any email added and the if&else, just with the answer code for day challenge

Created spam emails :e-mail: with ‘pretty printing.’ Don’t worry. It’s fake.

Day 34 of #Replit100DaysOfCode #100DaysOfCode.

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