Day 016 - Project 16 : Make It Stop

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The solution does not have the counter for no. of attempts. Just in case it confuses the learners.


Thank you @Nomad I’ll pass this along asap!

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Thank you, @Nomad for catching this. This error has been corrected.

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The solution to the Day 16 challenge only breaks when you use answer with lower case “miss”, even though both lower and upper case (“miss” and “Miss”) are accepted answers.

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Can anyone tell me how to convert the str to int so my counter could work.
In the below code everything is working fine except counter because the input is str and it can’t count the attempts.

print("\033[3;1;32m","Guess the Lyrics Game","\033[0m")
print("\033[3;36m","Guess the Blank Lyrics\nAnd See if You are Cool like Me","\033[0m","😉")

count =1
while True:
  print("\033[3;34m","\nBaby you the whole package, plus you pay your taxes and you keep it real while them other _______ plastic ","\033[0m")
  answer = input("\nEnter your answer: ")
  if answer == "stay":
    print("\033[3;34m","\nYou guess Correct","\033[0m","🎉")
    count += 1
    print("\033[3;32m","\nYou made",count,"attempts to answer","\033[0m")
    print("\033[3;33m","\nTry Guessing Again", "\033[0m","🙂")

This is the output

Can you guess the lyrics to my favorite song :notes: :microphone:?

Day 16 of #Replit100DaysOfCode #100DaysOfCode.

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Hey so I havent actually made a post for the last 15 days of it lol. Here is day 16, with Never Gonna Give You Up!

Day 16_100 Days - Replit


I don’t know if you’ve fixed your problem yet, but you can use casting. You can use the int() function on a string to convert it.

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