Day 007 - Project 7 : Fake Fan Question Generator

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The solution is…

print ("Are you a superfan of 'The Big Bang Theory' or a fake fan?")
print("Answer these questions to find out.")

Glasses = input("Does someone wear glasses?")
if Glasses == "yes":
  WhoGlasses = input("And who wears glasses?")
  if WhoGlasses == "Leonard":
    print("You got it")
    print("Try again!")

But that doesn’t ask the follow up question if they’re right. Which is kinda strange.

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Hey @dluther_shs,
what’s the problem with your code?

it works perfectly for me!

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It’s the official solution, but logically it makes no sense.

The lesson is about nested ifs. The follow up question should surely be after the person gets it wrong. If they don’t know that someone wears glasses, it doesn’t make sense to ask them a follow up of who wears them. That should logically come after they get it right.

Hi @dluther_shs thanks for pointing this out.

I think that maybe the solution has additional indents and I agree it doesn’t make logical sense. I’ll flag this with David/Bethany at Replit to investigate!

identation! in the last 5 lines.
Maybe you could nested those lines under the first “if” to carry on asking another question if the answerd is correct.