Day 003 - Project 3 : The Ultimate Wacky Recipe Maker

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Hello,i do not know English well,but i think i am making my firsts steps,but sometimes this British confuses me,please make for us exercises clearly,what to do say it clearly.who checks the exercises we done?(sorry for my English)

Nobody. Once you press the you press the Mark lesson as complete button replits treats it as it is perfect even if have not changed anything.

I see that in the Menu exercise, the variable name entered is “Hammer” but in the printed text example it says “Hammers”. How do you get the “s” in the end if the variable name is singular? If I run the program it would appear as “Hammer” unless the variable I entered was “Hammers”

i’m not sure if that was a typo or not but there is a way you can do it:

name = input("enter something: ")
print(name, "s")

or if you don’t want a space between your original word and the letter s you can use f-strings (which you’ll learn later in the course), so something like this:



print(name + "s")

i’d say don’t worry about it too much though

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@Dramz thank you for catching this. You have a debugger’s eye already! This is a typo and will be fixed on our end.

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