Day 001 - Project 1: Print into the World

Just want to Share First Day of This Course !!!

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I have started my 100 days of code so I will be coding for 100 days in a row. I will also make a note mostly to myself every day as I go along. 1st day wasn’t too helpful to me since I have been coding with python for a while but I am looking forward to doing this for some fun. :slight_smile:

Great news @curhahn welcome to the #100DOC club! Looking forward to following your progress!

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print("""I am signing up for Replit's 100 days of Python challenge!
I will make sure to spend some time every day coding along, for a minimum of 10 minutes a day.
I'll be using Replit, an amazing online IDE so I can do this from my phone wherever I happend to be. No excuses for not coding from the middle of a field!""")
print("I am feeling :)")
print("You can follow my progress at")

how did i do?


Hi everyone, just wanted to share my 1st project.


Looks like a nice project.

**Question:**Day 1 of coding

Tutorial number: i.e. Day 1

Repl link:

code snippet

Hi @EzeanekweAdaora !
Is there an issue that you are facing?
Would you like to share your code?
Or are you telling us that you’ve started the course?

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Good day.
Thanks for your reply.I am having difficulty in accomplishing Task 1.

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What is the difficulty? Something like if, else and/ or print?

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