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Question: How do i use another database then replit database on php

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i have problem read it here Repls using lots of storage - #4 by hold-ulv3

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You can buy a postgresql database. Other than that, replit is wonky when working with non http connections, so you might need to find a http db.


but i have no money bc i am only 15

Then use replit db or another http db.

You can connect to pretty much any other database, MongoDB being my favorite. But you might run into some errors, as dragonhunter said replit sometimes randomly blocks outgoing connections.

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oh ok thanks for replying to me

why does this run faster and better then my outer wordpress php webserver sites like or this



Well, are they both using wordpress? Also the hosting might be better on replit, idk.

yes they are both using wordpress and they also both using replit as hosting but this is the only one i could find that don’t use sqlite

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something is going on here
and this photo is taken from my bota apex repl

as you can see it that the outer repl is not using so much repl resources
photo324photo taken from