Database learning chatbot
This is a python bot that learns from every input, it also have some built-in special requests that requires special codes, and it is code executable, type in

execute {code} in {platform, currently only support shell and python}

Also if you include special strings in the input it executes specially coded codes

When you create a keyword use

<< kw >>

to highlight

Make the response to be a code executing instead of printing by typing

{code in 1 line}
Yes use {} to bracket

At the response adding thing

Hoping you guys to use the program and improve the database library so that it can respond to more response, also type

add response to input

to add more response for one input

Thank you


like I commented, the screen is DEFIANTLY not solid black:

Emm, you need to wait it to initialize
It need time to load the code and run it
Maybe wait for a few seconds? That is just a loading screen

I waited a good 15 seconds (?)
But now I tried it again and it’s fixed

And in my screen it isn’t lol
Still needing to fix it so I can ensure everyone able to use it

Ok it seems that it is some kind of unexplainable problem but I did nothing while it is fixed somehow