Database is corrupted

Hello, I’m attempting to create a database for an online Discord game.
I have set a save, and load directing to the database of “fishing_skills.db”, but when I relaunch the code, the DB Viewer shows empty, and the file shows red nulls.

I have linked the repl below, but I’m interested in what exactly I’m doing wrong. Thank you for your time.


This is the History of the database

  1. SQL Databases aren’t supposed to be user-serviceable (kinda like iPhones, where you have to go through the process of getting some repair tools to do stuff).
  2. What DB viewer?

I should be able to see the database at least, all I know now is it’s corrupted, the code should return my user_id, and fishing xp, and level

try pressing create a key and see what happens. Also, the database file is supposed to look like that, did you modify it in any way?

No, I’ve been deleting them and letting them regenerate when the bot starts.

When I select create a key, it just asks me for a key, and value.