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Yesterday with the increase in the pricing of many of Replit’s services, I feel like a lot of Replit’s top creators can’t sustain themselves anymore. When someone makes a fun project and gets on Replit’s Trending page, the Repl author may get around 500-1500 cycles from generous tippers. I feel that it’s not enough to sustain the Repl author’s other projects on the site and it’s certainly not encouraging when you don’t get compensated for being on the front page of a multi-million-dollar website.

I propose that if a Repl gets on the Trending page, the Repl author should be compensated for that with 10,000 or so cycles to encourage them to keep building on Replit and make more cool stuff.

What problem(s) would this feature solve?

  1. It would empower people to make awesome things to get on Trending, making Replit as a whole more lively with great projects
  2. It would encourage creators who have achieved the milestone to keep building on Replit
  3. It would help existing creators deal with the heavy price changes

If Replit doesn’t officially implement this, I’m open to making this possible via my Replit community bot, @gdaybot, with enough investments. If you’re interested in that, let me know! It’ll power the community to build bigger & better.


I love this idea, it’d be a great way to get cycles circulating through the community and as you more or less said, might generally increase the quality of content on Replit. (I’m all out of votes :frowning:)


I’m willing to donate! Where should I?

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Basically pay $100 to anyone who gets to trending? With the amount of trending bots that are around (and trust me those are around lmao) this is a very poorly thought out idea… and besides Trending isn’t a good reflection of good content, its a reflection of community tastes just like the algo was with ReplTalk.


There would obviously have to be moderation, and it probably wouldn’t be automatic anyway which would mean no issue with trending bots, only quality Repls would actually get it, as determined by the Replit team.


Maybe you could submit a request?

so basically bring back creator fund is what your saying? need i remind you the trainwreck that was xD

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How was the creator fund a trainwreck?

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But you’d be giving cycles instead of money, and they can’t be cashed out.

paying individual people was a huge trouble for people, although i suppose this could be partially accounted for by payments in cycles

in any case though i feel like theres no way to be fair in determining what’s quality and what isn’t and furthermore that would be a major money loss point


Is it money loss if it’s a virtual currency?

Yes. Replit is losing the money that they would’ve made by you paying for those services.

Can’t it bring them money as well?

Also yes. People may enjoy the features and decide to pay for them when they run out of their prize.

Basically, I think it’s a good idea, but also not really easy to implement fairly. The Q&A was basically just for my future reference xD


Because it’s cycles, payment shouldn’t really be a problem. I do agree, handing them out fairly would be an issue, but I think that’s something that could be managed.


What about being in a newsletter? That’s being directly promoted by Replit, all hand picked.