Cycles per month count inaccurate

So, when you check your cycles balance on the My Cycles page, you should notice right under your balance a short message telling you how many cycles you are using per month for power-ups. This display seems to be innacurate. The display tells me I’m paying 150 cycles per month, which was the old cost for private Repls, but the new cost is 500 cycles per month and I haven’t disabled private Repls. Has the change in cost not actually been applied yet? If not, then the cost of Private Repls is incorrectly reflected, otherwise the power-ups cost per month display is incorrect.

Here’s a screenshot that should clarify the bug:

Private Repls Cost Bug

A quick look at my transactions (an afterthought, I’m wondering why I didn’t think to check in the first place) shows that I’m being charged 150 cycles per month, not 500:


(I ‘censored’ that number code thing just in case… probably not necessary :man_shrugging:)

So I’m guessing the new price of private Repls hasn’t taken effect, in which case it’s misleading to state they are worth 500 cycles. Unless this is a bug and I should be being charged 500 cycles and the switch in price has somehow not affected me?

I’m on Chrome on Windows 11, and this also occurs on Chrome on an Android (Google Pixel 3), but I seriously doub’t there’s any correlation.


Thank you for this, I was able to reproduce it and have escalated it to our engineers.