Cycles for particpation

With the recent edition of cycles and Replit looking into good ways to be able to give them out for free without it being too easy.

I think if you reach a certain achievement here whether it’s x number of solutions, x TL received, x replies made, or something else you receive some cycles. The harder the achievement is to reach the more cycles you receive.

For example, let’s say you get the badge for making at least one post each month for the year. You could receive 25 cycles. If you got to 25 solutions you can receive 150 cycles. If you have posted 1k times (not including deleted posts) you could receive 300 cycles.

I’m just throwing ideas and numbers out there and they are not based on anything.


Eagerly waiting for them to be out :heart_eyes:


Currently, you need to be an Explorer to have access to them. Just go to settings and enable that so you have access to it and other beta featers.


I love the idea of linking community to cycles!