Cycle Clicker Beta; Thoughts and Feedback

My HTML/CSS/JS Clicker game called Cycle Clicker, is now in beta, I plan to add Paradigm Shifts and more late game objectives and features, but the basics are pretty much done. There’s currently 104 achievements, 43 upgrades and 10 buildings. I’m not sure if the background looks good or if the opacity on the buildings/upgrades/achievements look good. If you have any feedback on that or any of the features/find bugs please leave them in the replies,


Checked out the beta, looks awesome so far! It would be cool if you could add descriptions for achievements and upgrades when you hover over them or something. :smile:


I’m adding a feature where once you get to a certain point in the game, you can change/unlock different ‘civilisations’, i’m not sure whether to make it so each civilisation just give perks or something, or like a new world, with new buildings, achievements and upgrades

What should I use civiliations for?

What should civilisations be used for
  • Perks
  • New Worlds
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New poll please vote again

New worlds seems better and makes more sense

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My Clicker game, Cycle Clicker

Has just entered Beta 0.4 great naming, I know and I wonder if anyone has any thoughts and feedback

Added In Beta 0.4:

  • 26 unique news statements
  • Naming your business
  • Ascending
  • Completion Percentage based on achievements
    (For full list and added information view the repl)

This I’m planning to add in the future:

  • Particles
  • Music and Sound
  • Cleaner GUI for Ascending
  • Codes
  • Overall GUI Overhall

And for anyone wondering the cursor giving a lot of CPS is just for testing purposes, for me and anyone who wants to easily test ascensions.

Thanks for any feedback!

Looking for beta testers


Please give a link to your clicker. I can’t find it in any way.

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Sorry forgot about that, thanks for reminding me


Oh, yes!


Changed the GUI of buildings, achievements and upgrades, lmk what you think

I have a suggestion @JohnnySuriano.
How about making the Cycles abbreviated, for example: 1k Cycles or 5.21m Cycles, same for the upgrades and stuff, it would make it easer to tell I have enough for something.


I made a function to abbreviate the numbers correctly all the way up to 999.9 Nonillion (No), which is 10^30, then it goes to 1000No, all the import numbers get abbreviated, i’ll had correct abbreviations for higher numbers in the future


Wow this does seem very… sus… I would recommend adding some margins, etc. also, consider css grids and flexboxes. they are helpful

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I recommend you add a “buy #” feature that lets you buy something more that one time

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I’m looking for beta testers for Cycle Clicker, anyone interested lmk

Also anyone who contributes to the game can submit a quote for the news, if you have contributed (like being a bug tester, suggesting new features, etc) pm me with you quote and i’ll add it if looks good

Good game! I really like it, as it describes literally everything cycles on Replit. As a small feature request, can we get click combos? It would make people want to click for longer, and it would allow them to get more quicker. Also maybe a leaderboard. But, overall so far, good game!


Added both of these features, for the buy # feature, I have an option to buy 1, 10 and 100 buildings and as for the click combo, if you click 50 times in 10 seconds you’ll get a times 2 click multiplier, i’ll probably play round with those values for a bit, make it a bit easier to get a multiplier


I have recently finished my clicker game/incremental game project that I have been working on for a bit. It’s called Cycle Clicker my first js game, if you’ve ever played a clicker game before it should be easy to pick up how to play and even if you haven’t it’s quite straight-forward

Hope everyone likes it!

When you select buy 10 or buy 100, the prices don’t update, I recommend updating the prices to match the option selected.


Great game! I didn’t find any bugs!

If only getting cycles was this easy...