Customized Forum Reactions

So, you know how you can react to a topic with various emojis:

There are currently only seven usable reactions; it would be cool if you could choose your own reaction rather than the pre-set ones, so there would be a little menu to search for an emoji to react with.

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This has been requested on meta Add ... option to Discourse Reactions - feature - Discourse Meta

It has support but not enough for it to be a priority


Sorry for the repeat, xD My school has blocked meta, so I can’t access the site from my school device.

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Not a problem. Also a thing to note is that admins can add remove and modify the options so you can request others and stuff

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I’m pretty sure it only has those few because whoever set this up didn’t want people giving negative feedback (thumbs down, angry face, etc.) to people, and so they made it so only the positive ones were on there.

Yeah but there are other positive emojis that could be an option

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