Customer service tab where you can send videos

Question: how can i build an customer service tab where people can send videos on my actual website I really need this and i cant find any tutorials or things about it.

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code snippet

Hi @Tr1cky5 , welcome to the forums!
I believe you can make some sort of input for a file to be uploaded:

<form method='get' action='/submit'>
  <input type="file">
  <input type="submit">

Hope this helps!


Hey there, welcome!

I think we need a bit more information. I have a good idea of how you would generally achieve this, but I’m not exactly clear on your goal. Do you want a ticket system, do you already have a ticket system and you just want to add video? Or is it solely video? And by video, do you mean a screen recording or something? (Simply uploading video without any text is also a bit strange and unclear way for users to send feedback or get help.)

If you could tell us your general use case, and an outline of what you are trying to achieve, we can assist you better.

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Yeah thats what i want and i couldn’t even find the right words . I dont have a ticket system and i want one where you can put a video but i dont have any idea how to do that rn need it for my website.thanks

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Hi @Tr1cky5 .
You may want to look at Replit Bounties for your problem.
Hope this helps!


This is a good point. If you want it custom-made for you then you can post a Bounty, which is like a commission/gig on Replit. If you post one, some good programmers will apply, and then you can select the best one. They can submit their work to you, and even use a built-in chat if you or they have questions.

If you don’t want to pay, then I can give a more general solution.

But do you ONLY want it to be video? Or like a back-and-forth chat as well? Or email too? (Because there’s probably some systems that have what you’re asking, e.g. Zendesk.)

Overall, if you want your own customized system, but don’t know exactly how to do it, check out Bounties. If you want to use a popular ticket system, take a look at Zendesk. Otherwise, we can give you a simple rundown that you can adapt to your needs.

I was searching for something like zendex’s thing in the corner but when im prepared i would just put up a bounty but what price should it have?

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Whatever price you think. The minimum you can put is 450 cycles, which is a little less than $4.50 in real money. I think for this, $10.00 or 1000 cycles would be fair (maybe a tad less)

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Thanks man il hire someone in some time👍🏽


@Tr1cky5 If you are going with the Bounty option, could you mark my post above about Bounties as the Solution?