Custom Status does not disappear when touching the banner

Problem description:

The custom status message of the user does not get hidden by the banner even when the post that the user saw is gone, hence making it not visually appealing.
Attached is a picture of the problem:

Expected behavior:

Status message is hidden by the banner

Actual behavior:

Status shows in front of the banner.

Steps to reproduce:

Click on a user’s custom status, and scroll up, until the post is gone from sight. Then, you will still be able to see the status mssage in front of the banner at the top of the page.

Bug appears at this link:

(I am not sure if this is just me)

Even this topic has the bug.


Replit app/Android /Samsung Galaxy

Ask uses Discourse. This is a problem with all forums that have statuses enabled, so this needs to be reported on Meta.


So it’s not a theme issue?
Ok, I’ll report it.


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