Custom Font for Replit Themes

The Request

Creating a theme on Replit? Want to change the font? Well, you can't.

I want the option to upload font files like TTF or WOFF2 and/or a dropdown with fonts from and I know that it has the potential to be a big change in the history of Themes. This allows for more different/creative themes and it could improve a lot of themes. I included the part about Google Fonts because 1. it would be easier to find good fonts for people who aren’t trying to download a font and it’s user friendly and 2. people who are looking for custom fonts to download can get a list of things that they COULD use. Hopefully, there aren’t any legal problems stopping custom fonts but if there happen to be any, I’m sure that Google Fonts are OK (but please don’t think of Google Fonts as the greater option, it’s just an idea that has potential as well.)

I know there is a blaring problem; a lot of fonts say you can only use fonts for personal/non-commercial usage. I think that it shouldn’t be a problem because although Replit likes their share of money (that’s a joke im sorry replit) Replit doesn’t make Themes paid (I think). There’s a copyright issue; there are people who don’t pay for fonts but download paid fonts anyways. I think that problem falls right on the person who did that, and it shouldn’t discourage custom fonts in Replit themes. In ToS:

  1. Illegally transmit another’s intellectual property or other proprietary information without such owner’s or licensor’s permission;

At Section 4.7 in Replit Terms of Service

If people aren’t allowed to break copyright rules in Repls, the same thing applies to Themes. Just because people might make repls with copyrighted pictures doesn’t mean you don’t allow people to upload pictures on Replit at all! Now, use that same logic for fonts. Besides, not everyone has bad intentions.

Explaination is here :smiley:

I was trying to create the best Theme (color wise, font wise, all other wises) using multiple sources and something I found was important to making a good Theme was fonts. There were different really-good-for-coding fonts but I found that I couldn’t use custom fonts at all. I would enjoy having fonts to choose from and it would definitely boost the greatness of themes. A lot of people (and my near-perfected theme) would benefit from this feature.


I also want a CSS editor for the Themes


You used to be able to change font, and pretty much any other css, but then replit switched to a whitelist instead of a blacklist for allowed css classes… and that was the end of that


@doxr This is a cool idea, but I think we should just get more fonts that are freely available, such as Source Code Pro, Fira Mono (and Fira Code too), JetBrains Mono, et cetera. This could be put in the Settings tab under Editor Font and be a dropdown.
At the moment though, the editor font (I think) is just based on what font you’ve selected as monospace for your browser.

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There are fonts that are good for coding that I can’t use. This still also doesn’t allow custom fonts, my main goal…

That would mean it’s different(ish) for everyone. Not exactly the best idea when you’re trying to make a theme that consistently should be the best in many aspects. Fonts can change how long you code/program, it lets you see your code easier, and other eye stuff.

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I think I understand what you are saying better. I get you would want to use a different font from the one that is being used by the browser by default for themes as it could offer better aesthetics to your theme.
Personally though I think having an option to choose a monospace font (from Google fonts) in a dropdown (in the Replit editor or account page) would also allow for users to get more customization.
Maybe there could be an option to apply a recommended font for your theme? So if the user wants to use that font they can, but they don’t necessarily have to.


XL Replit moment

That’s a cool idea :+1: I’d be happy with that but currently there seems to be not too much process in the happening with this idea.