Custom Extensions

Describe your Extension idea
The ability to make custom extensions

What problem(s) would this Extension solve?
This would allow people to make their own extensions and they would not have to submit a request for one.
When developing extensions, you would have the opportunity to add code which could modify files and more (with permission from the repl first, creating a notification similar to the one for sound).
There could also be a community extensions library, similar to the templates tab.

Explain what you were trying to do when you came across the problem leading to this Extensions request
I was thinking of how cool it would be to be able to think of an extension, and just make it.


This is Already planned!


Yes, but I was also thinking of features like a community extensions tab.

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Im sure that will be included when extnetion development is fully released


I can’t wait :0
It’ll be so cool!


Of course! The reason we haven’t launched the ability to build extensions is that the API is far from solid and changing very frequently, which means that your extensions will break a lot.

And the developer experience around building them is pretty rough at the moment (but we’re looking to work on that soon)

If you’re okay with that, and have time and ideas for extensions, shoot me an email at, and I can onboard you to building extensions