Custom Emoji Requests

Btw this topic does not focus on reactions, just emojis that can be used within posts and chats.

Personally, I like being able to spice up my post with at least some element that isn’t text, and by far the easiest way to do that is with emojis. While I usually just use them to laugh at myself, it’s a really nice addition to posts and I feel like it can really be taken advantage of.

I would love to see custom emojis like JavaScript, Python, and other languages logos used to spice up a post like so:

I love JavaScript!


I love JavaScript!

Visual elements like emojis are generally more appealing to users and attract to your post, especially when users swiftly read over stuff.

Personally, I would really like to see these emojis added:

JavaScript (JavaScript)


Python (Python)


I’m not entirely sure why there is a rounded border when the post is not being edited, nor am I sure if it is actually part of the image or not.

And I bet there are a ton more commonly used terms with visual representations that can be added too!


Node.js and Python ones aren’t squares, can you fix that

yeah weird Discourse bug where only some images get that border


Oh yeah I guess it wasn’t a transparent background, lemme fix that real quick


I used but I’m not sure if it helped, they should be transparent now though?


They were already transparent btw


We should get a nix emoji nix along with an AMC emoji amc


Im 50/50 on this as I dont want to add a lot as it may encourage off topic/too chatty things that are against the community guidelines. On the other hand i think it would make posts stand out.

IMO I don’t think we should have ones for specific languages and frameworks unless its made by Replit.

I think this one would be good after all ask is Replit

Like I said above I don’t think we should add ones for specific langues or frameworks unless its made by Replit.

I don’t think we should add this. It doesn’t officially have anything to do with Replit and it doesn’t provide any value to Ask out side of messages in my eyes.


Yeah, now that I think about it I was probably picturing those being used in long Python versus JavaScript debates, probably not suitable for Ask. It would be pretty cool if the Replit emoji redirected to Replit when it was clicked on, but I’m not sure if that’s possible


It probably is with a theme component.


Thanks for these requests! However, I think we should keep our emoji stack limited to just the essentials for now. As Ethan said, we want to ensure this forum stays on topic so people can continue to get help easily and accessibly.

I’ll keep thinking about potentially adding languages and the Replit logo since those might help with skimming topics.