Custom embeds in Replit markdown

Hi teachers!

New additions which you will undoubtedly find exciting… we’ve added some custom embeds to Replit markdown files!

A lot of users are building markdown files into their Teams for Edu projects to support students understand tasks, share lesson plans between teachers and augment these with static images and (maybe just me?) GIFs.

From today you can also embed Figma, YouTube and Loom links too! Yes!!

How do you do this?

All you have to do is add ![](url) to your markdown file and replace the url section with your… erm… url.

Take a look at the example repl here: CustomEmbedsWhooo - Replit


That’s an awesome addition will sure make some tasks easy to explain with more graphical explanation possible :star_struck:


Absolutely @fury-07 ! I’m planning that my instructions in my Teams for Edu projects will now contain almost everything the student needs!

Hope to see full example of using markdown properly.

May be it will be great if we have nice video on youtube creating a instruction Mark Down.

It will be the most used thing in teams for education.

I’ve got a few PRIMM example lessons which will have some video descriptions to support learners. Great idea to have an example of how to build one up for the first time!

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