Custom domains verifying : i don't understand the explanation?

I have seen that the Custom domains verifying issue has been resolved on Status Replit but I don’t understand the explanation and it still doesn’t work for me …
There are no details on the linked post : Custom domains stuck verifying

What is happening exactly ? what should we change to make it work ?
I don’t feel anything has been resolved right now. It is a great feature and I’m afraid it may disappear

Thanks for your explanation

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I apologize for the lack of clarification on our end. We have resolved the incident as we are unable to provide a short-term fix for this. Instead, we have created a long-term investigation. We have also noted that this is a recent limitation of DNS resolvers and not necessarily an issue on our end.

We have clarified our response in the newest update on the post in Discourse:


Hello @ShaneAtReplit , thanks for the clarification
What troubles me is that I have two Repls linked to my domain and they work perfectly with only a CNAME … My server doesn’t allow CNAME + TXT as it seems to be the “normal” behaviour.

How is it possible that some links have been validated and still work perfectly ? if you want me to help you test, we can discuss on DM or on the Discord if you want to check why those links have been validated

Thanks for your work

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Replit is not the only service that requires TXT records to verify domain ownership. Google search engine require TXT records for domain ownership verification. Failure to verify domain ownership with a TXT record containing the Google verification string result in significant penalties how pages with unverified domain names show in search results.

No TXT record DNS is head hurt if you want people to find site with google search results.

Oh yes of course I know TXT can be useful for verification. They are used and they work on my server.
The problem is to have a CNAME and a TXT. That is not allowed in the RFC and maybe that’s why there are problems.

RFC1034 says in s3.6.2,

If a CNAME RR is present at a node, no other data should be present

Maybe Replit should use a specific TXT on a subdomain (lets say for verification and the cname on the subdomain. That would solve this issue.

Ok I think I have found the way to do correctly and it works fine this way with my server.

I need to declare a link to my domain to get the verify TXT and the A that I both declare in my DNS records.
Then I unlink and link to the subdomain I want to use (without changing my DNS). It verifies very quickly and it’s ok after that.

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