Custom domains stuck verifying

We are aware of the issue(s) where custom domains are stuck in the “verifying…” step and not progressing. We have identified that this is due to a change made on our end, and are working towards a resolution.


Published this to the Status page:


We have concluded that: DNS services that do not allow TXT records alongside CNAME records, or that add A records instead of solely a CNAME record, are not compatible with Replit. We are working on updating our documentation to reflect this limitation, and we are also investigating long-term solutions to this issue.

Here are some additional details about the compatibility issues with some DNS services:

  • TXT records are used to add additional information to a domain name, such as security records. Replit requires TXT records alongside CNAME or A records in order to function properly.
  • If both a CNAME and an A record are present on a (sub)domain, Replit will be unable to verify the domain unless a TXT record is also included.

If you are using a DNS service that does not support TXT records, you will need to switch to Cloudflare or another compatible service. If you are not sure which DNS service to use, we recommend Cloudflare.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. We are working to resolve this issue as quickly as possible.

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