Custom domain with

I could really use some help with linking domains as I do not know what I am doing wrong… does anyone have any pointers after look at screenshots?
Project name: Middletown-MCX ( not published yet)

Domain Website: Domain com
Domain name on Domian com: middletownmc org
Custom Domain:
If too unclear, lmk.

You are a little unclear, you have not stated your issue, just that you need help. What errors do you get and did you read this:

Yes, I did read the docs about how to link custom domains. My issue is that even after putting in a cname DNS and a txt DNS, nothing happens. Also, since the domain is too long, the “check” button is out of the custom domain box and unclickable so I can’t see that either.


i specified my response, is help still avaliable

Could you share some screenshots? Thanks!

You Images are broken

Hi @NotLiamm I think from reading your original post you want to create a subdomain history that links to your Repl?

I think if you can upload your images again so others in the community can see them, it would help.

I just used the images from post

so don’t think i hacked into his account

Looks like the website itself is not working or there is no cname records

it says it is verifying, sometime this can take overnight, I recommend you just wait awhile.