Custom domain showing 'Run this Repl to see the results here.' despite being always-on

I’ve linked a custom domain to my Repl, and the domain seems to be redirecting to Replit, but is showing a ‘Run this Repl to see the results here.’ error despite the Repl being always on (since ~3 hours ago) even after deleting cookies / opening in new browsers and working in the replit-specific link (

Is there just some delay in this propogating through? Am I mis-implementing ‘Always run’?

I know that repls that are taken down (ex. for proxies or for ToS breaking games) will show that error. Otherwise, I know there is a problem that you can track at Hope that helps :confused:


Try kill 1 in shell and try uptime robot to keep it online

Pingers don’t work anymore, do they?

they do my repl for a discordjs bot has been working for like 7 months now

Hey @ZacharyWitzel!

Are you still seeing the issues with Always-On? If so, can you please send us exact dates + times in UTC of when the Repl is down so we can try to pinpoint the downtime in our logs?