Custom Domain Run this Repl to see the results Error

Hey I connected a custom domain before using cloudflare for one of my Repls and it worked. Now im trying to do another one I did everything the same but I am getting this error.


My repl is set to always on, it has been 48 hours since I got the domain and cloudflare proxy is set to off (DNS only)

Any help would be appreciated thank you.

My guess would be that your index.html file isn’t properly configured to your code to use the file.

It also could be that Cloudflare wasn’t able to conenct to Replit’s machine correctly and was not able to fetch/use your index.html file.

You could try and fix it by typing $ kill 1 in the shell or forking the Repl onto a new machine or reconnect the custom domain again.

I tried $ kill 1 in the shell and reconnecting the custom domain but no luck.

My index.html also looks properly configured.

Is it possible for you to provide a link to your repl?

Absolutely! Here is my repl:

and the domain I’m trying to use is Thank you.

Interesting. It definitely responds to the repl URL but not the other one. Try un-linking and re-linking the domain and see what happens.

I tried to unlink and reconnect again with no luck, unfortunately. :cry:

How long ago did you attempt the re-link?

I tried it just when you said it a few minutes ago as well as yesterday.

Hmm. If re-linking did not help, then I’m not sure what to try. Sorry. :confused:

No worries thank you for trying. Is there another way to get help with this or is this forum the best place?

This forum is probably the best place, but I’m not really the one to ask that though.


You can ask in Friends of Replit (unofficial replit server) or in Replit Devs (official Replit server)

Hey, can you check the link on your end again? It seems to be working now on google chrome but not Safari. Does it work for you?

I had this happen to me recently, it seems I had to wait a while for it to work.

School block “High-risk”, lemme check on my phone.
Edit: Does in fact work on phone.