Custom domain not working

I’m trying to use a custom domain ( However, it has been “verifying” for the past few days, and the domain does not work. This completely prevents me from using my website since is blacklisted by my proxy.
DNS propagation status:

DNS zone file:

@	3600	IN	SOA 2023042601 7200 1800 1209600 3600
i	3600	IN	A
@	3600	IN	NS
@	3600	IN	NS
e	3600	IN	CNAME
db	3600	IN	A

Make sure you add the TXT record listed in the domain linking process.


From my understanding, that’s optional. I can’t add the TXT record because Cloudns says it conflicts with the existing CNAME record.

Yes, but If you add that (overwriting the CNAME), wait some time, then re-add the CNAME (overwriting the TXT), that may work, was having similar issues, and I think that may have fixes it.

Try using Cloudflare. It’s free and provides a ton of additional benefits as well as allowing both CNAME and TXT records.

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