Custom domain linking

Can replit see when my custom domain was first verifying, if so please tell me what time it was

I think its been over 24hrs and it hasn’t been verified yet

Many thanks

Hi @TBTech thanks for your post.

I understand there may be an ongoing issue with custom domains so have moved this to the #support:bug-reports category and tagged @ShaneAtReplit who may be able to look into this further.

Sorry for the inconvenience!


Hwy @IanAtCSTeach

Thanks for the reply and moveing this into its correct category

Update: the domain is still in verifying state

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Hey @TBTech!

Can you please send me the link to your Repl and the domain you are trying to link so I can take a look?

Also, please take a look at our recent update regarding domain linking to ensure that you have everything set up according to our new instructions (we are in the process of updating our existing docs)


hey @ShaneAtReplit

Heres everything u need
link to repl
domain - CNAME

I have also attached a picture of the google domain record

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Theres also this

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I have just tested TXT records in a different repl and it has verified and linked


after accessing the url i get this

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In the last screenshot you shared, you are accessing, which does not have any DNS records (A, CNAME, or TXT).

However, does appear to have a TXT and an A record detected by our system, but we don’t detect a CNAME on that website. What DNS service are you using for your domain?

If possible, we recommend using CloudFlare, as it has been confirmed to work without issues with Replit.


Thanks for the tip, However I found using CloudFlare difficult

I am using Google domains for my domain provider

Hey @ShaneAtReplit

I have just tested out CloudFlare and on a TXT record and the same thing has happened

Should i try CNAME?

Since you’re connecting to the root domain (*.xyz), you should use an A record and a TXT record on CloudFlare. Make sore that the “orange cloud” or “proxied” switch is turned off for the A record or else it might cause trouble when connecting.


So should i create 2 records pointing to the same domain?

1 • A record
2 • TXT record

Yes, both the A and the TXT record should be pointing to the same domain

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Thank you @ShaneAtReplit

Thanks its working

Now how would this work with sub domains?

Many thanks to everyone this issue has been resovled and all my websites are all working

Yep, this will work for sub domains, but the record pairing is CNAME + TXT for those

Note that with Google Domains, you can’t have a CNAME and TXT coexist with each other on a specific subdomain.

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