Custom Domain Linked But Replit Will Not Show Up On Site

I pressed link and it said “verifying domain” then it said “this domain is verified” but there is nothing on the website. Additionally, the website will not change on the website view bar.

Hey @AustinSaunders2 welcome to the forums!

How long have you waited? IIRC it takes around 24 hours for it to take effect.

Not long, maybe 15 minutes. I’ve seen videos where they click “link domain” and instantly it is online.

They could of made a jump cut.

True, didn’t seem that way, but I guess I will try waiting. Up to 24 hours? Could be shorter?

I think it could be though not 100% sure on that

Okay thanks. Yeah right now when I go to my site it just says “reset” but I will try waiting and update you.

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Do you know if there is a way to check the progress?

Please help.

My domain now works in the preview here, but not at the actual site.

It’s been over 24h and still doesn’t link.

What DNS are you using? If it’s cloudflare you have to add a txt file to verify replit

I have both TXT and A. And it says it’s verified too so I don’t think those are the problems. Also I think this is a visual bug and that the embed is for the original website, but it still gives the question, why does the website not tether the Replit.